Management consulting is our forte. We assist businesses and entrepreneurs to meet their goals.
Africa UK Trade and Investment Enterprise (AUKTIE) registered in the United Kingdom work in partnership with the following organisations in Nigeria to deliver business objectives for clients across continents:
Emeritus Fire Consultants Limited (EFC) - RC 1735971
..supporting infrastructure development
Emeritus Fire Consultants Limited has strategically positioned itself to solve the myriad of problems in the Nigerian finance, infrastructure, renewable, education and training sectors by adding continuous improvement and value to stakeholder groups in the country. They linked four sectors to function together as one. Students under a STEMIE Project get the full benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) infused with Innovation and Enterprise. They support students to become innovators and help to build viable businesses around the innovation. Their work has surpassed the promotion of STEM and developed variants in Arts and other educational choices.
Businesses are referred to the Finance sector and infrastructure projects are built with special focus on renewables. The organisation has developed fantastic contacts and engagement with various government agencies and the private sector. 
Facilitation of funds for capital projects. We broker deals between financiers and businesses in need of loans.
We create structure and financial models for capital projects
Practical experimentations on the development of alternative forms of energy.
Improving quality of education for students of primary, secondary and tertiary levels and preparing them for transition to higher education, employment or entrepreneurship.
Modified Precision Consultancy Limited (MPC) - RC 1748592
..improving capabilities across sectors
Modified Precision Consultancy Limited are specialists in continuous development training for staff of organisations across sectors to establish high performance across departments.
  • Mentality Change                              
  • Continuous Development

I have read the 'The Green Millionaire: Monetizing Green Strategies In Emerging Markets'. It is a very good book with precious insights into living a greener life while building an enterprise. I followed the advice in the book when building my human hair business which needed products to be sourced from the international market to be able to get cheaper options and make our business more competitive. 


Zabehi Zahore, France

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 The Green Millionaire: New Book Exposes Process of Monetizing Green Strategies in Emerging Concepts.
 Aiming to equip the world for sustainability, Patrick Green’s latest book helps entrepreneurs and businesses invest in, start up and grow their businesses to take full advantage of today’s emerging markets. With a laser-targeted focus on green strategies, the book is coming as a saving grace to those wanting to capitalize on current environmentally-friendly opportunities.


PRForBooks, UK






Short-term outcomes are:

  1. Ensuring that businesses have the needed funds to implement projects.

  2. Improved infrastructure across sectors of the economy.

  3. Increased use of renewable sources of energy.

  4. Increased use of ICT and Innovation to support educational outcomes throughout the curriculum.

  5. Increased number of thriving businesses.

  6. Continuous development in learning and thought processes to enhance performances across sectors of the economy.










The mission of our partnership is to facilitate finance for capital projects through the development of infrastructure, renewables, education and training focused initiatives.

  • Facilitating finance for capital projects

  • Promoting infrastructure development

  • Promoting renewable forms of energy

  • Promoting concepts of life-long learning and universal access to education

  • Developing local ownership of programmes