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I have read the 'The Green Millionaire: Monetizing Green Strategies In Emerging Markets'. It is a very good book with precious insights into living a greener life while building an enterprise. I followed the advice in the book when building my human hair business which needed products to be sourced from the international market to be able to get cheaper options and make our business more competitive. 


Zabehi Zahore, France

 The Green Millionaire: New Book Exposes Process of Monetizing Green Strategies in Emerging Concepts.
 Aiming to equip the world for sustainability, Patrick Green’s latest book helps entrepreneurs and businesses invest in, start up and grow their businesses to take full advantage of today’s emerging markets. With a laser-targeted focus on green strategies, the book is coming as a saving grace to those wanting to capitalize on current environmentally-friendly opportunities.


PRForBooks, UK

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